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27th > April > 2006 Archive

MySQL critical of 'crippled' closed-source databases

Friend, enemy, lover

Samsung chip to power upcoming Flash iPods

Chip maker lauds design win

How to make your own World Cup single

Tech DigestSod Embrace. Create your own terrace anthem

Fixed-mobile market to hit $28bn by 2011

But FMC 'more exciting for operators than consumers'

Rock readies D&D limited edition laptop

Roll a 4d20 and add a Centrino Platform+1

Postcard from Orlando

Strange what you can find in Florida

Ireland slips down e-readiness rankings

But Europe still dominates

Man clocks Pentium Extreme to 5GHz

Gas-cooled 65nm Intel Extreme Edition 965, anyone?

Vodafone Japan completes sale

That's it

Computer energy use under scrutiny

Wind-up or solar powered PCs?

Warning! Computers can cripple you

Make sure office work is not a pain in the neck

Colt narrows losses

Revs flat

ATI shows strong Q1 chipset sales growth

Intel less fortunate

Bell sees profit from Europe

Lost in translation

God's gift to C

Crossing platforms with Apache Portable Runtime

Asda launches chavved-up sweets for mingers

A rival to Lovehearts? Whatever

Intel's 'Broadwater' GPU to support Shader Model 4.0

Vertex shading to be done in hardware at last

Security pros give VoIP the brush-off

InfosecV for vulnerability

Intel 'Centrino 4' to drive desktop demand?

'Santa Rosa' to boost small form-factor PC take up

BitLocker gives dual-boot systems the elbow

InfosecVista security feature is 'anti-Linux'

Da Vinci Code judge floats own crypto conspiracy

Holy judgment hides secret messages

Snoop Dogg entourage 'runs riot' at Heathrow

UpdatedShows battling supermodels how it's done pioneers secure Linux to contain breaches

InfosecReturn of the Mac

Wanadoo's Orange makeover edges closer

Yet another paint job

Chinese net journo on 'subversion' rap

Faces possible 15 years' jail

Samba speaks as commission interveners cut in

MS v ECDay four: more interoperability

BBC mulls database of kids

Blue Peter's got your number

Casio unveils 10.1Mp anti-shake digicam

Very fast too, company claims

Flag of St George declared English icon

Tearful citizens break into Jerusalem

Nokia debuts N series trio

Shoot movies, listen to music, make occasional calls

Golden Gate opens up for Systems Union

Bid comes via Bidco

Koreans unveil speech-recognising digital doggie

Dog bytes man

BT Ireland quits LLU talks

'Frustrated' by Eircom's lack of progress

Persecuted by Tuesdays

Sun's SOA messes with time

Feel the width

Quality? Wossat, then?

Asus to ship luxury leather laptop next month

S6F hand-finished in coloured cowhide

AV firms rubbish MS Vista security claims

Infosec'It's just cr*p'

Seagate unveils 750GB external HDD

Perpendicular product

Judge Cooke turns up the heat on Commission

MS v ECDay four: Tough questions or tough love?

Early days of dial-up hacking recalled

Infosec blogNostalgia ain't what it used to be

Judge Cooke questions EC settlement

Europe vs MSDay four: Patents, protocols and intellectual property

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