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26th > April > 2006 Archive

Borland wants to be a Red Hat for developers

Lead generation

Oracle extends 'lifetime' promise

'No forced upgrades'

Database and support duo take on Oracle

Getting heavy

Ingram solid in Q1 despite Euro softness

Sets Q2 guidance

Europe's plan to hunt down pirates

Four years in the brig for you, me hearty

Forensic felonies

New law clamps down on PIs

Rambus awarded $306.5m in Hynix patent case

One case down...

TalkTalk slapped for 'free' calls ad

ASA calls foul

British employment law challenges offshoring

Service providers up in arms over TUPE changes

Eleven new UK GSM mobile carriers

Hold on, who on earth is CyberPress?

Evesham has graphic plan for notebooks

Voyager goes dual core

Council takes initiative on identity

Rolls out regional smart cards

Space Muslims face weightless search for Mecca

ISS prayer poser

PGP unfazed by MS disk encryption

Infosec'C'mon then!'

Plusnet in cut-price broadband bundle

Matches Carmoan, kinda

MDM may change your life…or not

CommentBreakthrough technology or just another acronym?

Chinese clone BSE-resistant calf

Unmad cow

Hoberman packs his bags

Moves away from

Aussies to get pseudo-ID Card

Monkey see, monkey do

We'll buy smut if you send us the spam

InfosecUsers get dirty

Microsoft talks up interoperability

MS v ECDay three: MS describes world where everything works

Getting off the UK DNA database: ACPO explains how

Or not...

Phishing goes international

InfosecThe lingua franca of fraud

Airbus proposes cost-saving 'standing class', says NYT

How do you get 853 people into an A380?

Vonage hooks up with The Cloud

VoIP does Wi-Fi

US clamps down on violent supermodels

Air rage Dane expelled

Suffolk becomes 'face of government IT'

Job description: Watmore's instrument on earth

Where have all the dolly birds gone?

Infosec blogShow stopper

NY subway w*nker gets two years' probation

NSFWFlashing perv gets off lightly

BT hits back at Carphone dig

It's getting ugly

Esteem buys Scots ACCESS

Sun in the North

Arms hawks land on EU security board

Subsidies unleashed for civil surveillance

Commission rejects MS server claims and demo

MS v ECDay three: Commission puts the boot in

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