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13th > April > 2006 Archive

Sun buffs Opteron, SPARC and Sun Ray

Now try and get one delivered...

Is working at Cisco worth a 7-hour commute?

Midas man thinks so

ATI updates Catalyst with Linux X1000 drivers

Benchmark-friendly frame-rate boosting tweaks too

Brum reckons on Capita quality

Moving targets

Civil unrest closes UK ISP's Indian call centre

24-hour curfew trumps 24-hour support

iRiver E10 said to sport TV remote control

Fast forward between channels?

Ethiopian bone-anza buttresses human family tree

Awash with hominids

Sony preps PS2 price cut

Down to $129 by the end of the month, analyst claims

Fujitsu-Siemens peddles new SMB storage kit

FibreCATs Ho!

Averatec touts 3G, Wi-Fi UMPC

Built-in keyboard too

Black helicopters circle .eu domain

LettersPlus RPG-busting tech meets owlselling African

Info Commissioner draws FOIA flak

Implementation issues

BT runs out of broadband in Hemel Hempstead


Samsung UMPC to ship worldwide 1 May

Q1 expensive everywhere - even in Santa Fe...

Alleged Pentagon hacker fears Guantanamo

McKinnon fights extradition

Bulb busting light source invented

Edison rotates in poorly-lit grave

MiniDAB handheld digital radio to debut at £180

You know Oono?

Help wanted, apply within

Imagine CupA quick question for our readers

Actor's death sparks Bangalore unrest

Let's be careful out there

Las Vegas hotelier to test inflatable space motel


Reg Hardware's Critical Mass

Review round-up

Browser crashers warm to data fuzzing

IE under attack

D-Link accused of 'killing' time servers

Time to stop freeloading

Buffalo boosts home NAS box capacity to 2TB

TeraStation Pro's storage space upped too

Virtualization for security

Vista of fluffy white clouds

DLO ships 'first' UI-on-a-TV iPod dock

HomeDock Deluxes out ahead of Griffin's TuneCenter?

Investors practice tough love with AMD

Earn our trust

Microsoft flips Atlas a second time

Scrubs cleaner

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