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12th > April > 2006 Archive

US to deploy RPG-busting 'force field'

Classified Israeli tech bound for Iraq

UK indies head for China

British toons get space on SINA

Carphone clarifies '40 gigabit' download limit

You say tuh-may-doh, we say toe-mah-toe

Chinese PC makers told to install legal OS

No naked PCs...

Coke-smuggling granny jailed for eight years

Cunning garden gnome plan goes awry

Sun opens modeling tools

Eclipse 'just 'ain't that good'

World Cup Mobile TV - will anyone be watching?

Handsets delay kick-off

Skype blows $27m on VoIP firms

Something for the future

Miaow to kitten-based authentication

Fun but less than purrfect

PayPal offers plastic

Credit cards from eBay no longer dodgy...

Ads watchdog bites PC World

But with rubber teeth?

Plusnet intros new 'consultancy' helpline

'Not afraid of change'

Apple readying multi-coloured MacBooks?

Or maybe just iPod black and white...

Surveillance at a crossroads

CCTVTime to take stock?

Russian bear plots Mars mission

Space race: the rematch?

Enta signs Connect 3D

They do graphics cards

TDK at work on 200GB Blu-ray Disc

Will quadruple BD-R capacity

MS releases long-awaited IE fix

Cumulative update fixes 10 browser flaws

Buffalo to bring 'reincarnated floppy disk' to Japan

Follows Memorex, Verbatim

Users turn to second-hand Microsoft licences

One careful owner

Morse signs network processors

Azul gets UK friend

Website confuses Athlon XP with Pentium III

Ye olde AMD and Intel CPUs separated at birth?

Asus Lamborghini 'supernote' spec not so super?

More expensive than expected too

Evolution fightback continues at Royal Society

Creationism in the classroom under fire

T-Mobile exposes Robbie Williams Walkman phone

Offers protection, lots of love and affection, and moderately decent GPRS tariffs...

Carphone talks tough on LLU deadline

AnalysisGet it right - or else

Visma knocks back Sage charms

Fear of rejection?

Aston Martin revs £940 Nokia 8800 handset

Vantage point

A walk on the Dark side

Imagine CupThree Pair meet ICU consultant Paul Dark

More on databases in academia

Can I tread on your blue suede shoes?

JVC pushes play on female-friendly MP3 players

Blokey colours on offer too

Disclaimers could make emails into contracts

England's 400 year-old cyber signature law

Nutt plots downfall of booze

No, no, thrice NO!

Linksys CIT200 cordless Skype handset

ReviewTalk while you walk

Plusnet suffers LLU wobble

Customers unbundled

Oracle buys Portal Software

Pays cash and everything...

Asus to make MacBook with AU Optronics LCDs - report

Rumour mill grinds on in the pink after promising launch

Way to go

Higgins: an API for identity

A long tail

MS SQL Server man lets betas have it

CTP or bust

Opteron carries AMD to banner Q1

Forgetting memory

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