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5th > April > 2006 Archive

Trojan-powered scam network dismantled

Malware à la carte

Dixons ditches the High Street

Brand will live online only

Negroponte tells software industry to slim down

That includes you, Gates

IBM takes different track on SOA

Resetting the hype?

Developers get busy with open source bugs

How fast?

Lucent sues Microsoft in Xbox 360 patent clash

Alleges IP infringement, seeks damages

Spitzer blitzes adware

Popup suit

Verizon email blockade - rebate offered

Europeans, Asians need not apply

Intel 'Conroe' pricing leaks out

Pentium D 9xx price cut claims confirmed

P2P radio now free

Legit music sharing service revamped

EC calls time on internet betting bans

First step of investigation

NHTCU disappears into SOCA

New crime busting agency to be more effective...or not?

Unipalm adds to security offering

Network Engines get the nod

BT broadband punters must register for 8 meg upgrade

First come, first served

Overseas credit card purchases are protected

Appeal court ruling good news for consumers

Hitachi readies high-density desktop hard drives

CE-oriented versions too

More accurate on the eye

Iris scan tech improves but other biometrics still unreliable

VIA preps single-chip C7, Eden chipset

CX700 pitched at embedded roles

Intel and Red Hat team for speed

And celebrate increase in resellers

Jesus's 'walk on water' illusion exposed?

A different kind of Bible bashing

BT takes on cellcos in converged services for SMEs

Launches Business Plan for Mobile

UK retailer claims Bluetooth iPod imminent

Accessory after the fact

IBM and Novell go after SMBs

Watch out small biz...

EU caps may dent competition

But cellcos brought it on themselves: Reding

Mastercare to be folded into DSGi

Insiders fear job losses

Clash fan nicked

Terror profiling finds punk...

NEC spotlights 'brightest' semi-reflective LCD yet

Super screen tech for PSPs, PDAs, iPods etc, company claims

EU beats MS with jewel-encrusted PDA

LettersReg hack also takes a shoeing

Crackpot satnav route leads to 100ft cliff

North Yorkshire road of death

US Senators edge toward carbon cutting consensus

Heel-dragging committee gets industry kick up the behind

Infected Windows PC? Just nuke it

Forget repairing virus infected systems, says MS security manager

One-legged sexagenarian in car chase crash-and-burn

Jail possible

NY Times administers coup de grâce to crippled website

Death by a thousand gimmicks

New style reviews

Making product reviews more useful and interactive

Apple blesses Windows XP on Macs

Boot Camp download makes installation more easy

Skunkworks roundup

StobIt's a far, far beta thing

Intel, EMC eye up SMB storage

Marriage of convenience begets new kit

BT silent on 'green goo' results

Readers finger giant maggots for mess

Samsung SGH-Z320i 3G i-mode mobile phone

ReviewO2's first 3G i-mode combi phone

LSD appeal for cash global consciousness

Hofmann's mates want another party

Tripe is absolutely offal: official

Tops UK crap food poll

Virus writers at war

Rival gangs and security industry both under attack

Negroponte defends the hundred dollar laptop

One laptop per child...

Final drug trial victim out of the woods

As placebo man balks at follow-ups

Unisys sets LinuxWorld alight


From Boot Camp to Legacy API? An Apple timeline

AnalysisDevelopers, developers, developers...

Net neutrality bid fails

Again hands baseball to Microsoft

As American as a software monopoly

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