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25th > October > 2005 Archive

Dutch introduce phones for kids

Big daddy's watching you

AMD flirts with channel via new, sexy portal

Hopes to catch VARs and DMRs

Intel to pump $650m into US fab

300mm wafer output boost

Apple opens iTunes down under

Powderfinger, Eskimo Joe et al ready for download

Ericsson buys Marconi

£1.2bn for assets and name

iPod chip maker Q3 revenues, income rocket

PortalPlayer in the ascendant

Merseyside mourns dead chicken

Floral tributes for poultry foetus

Intel ships ATI-based mobo

Just while it has no low-end chipsets of its own?

Brit-based sociologist testifies in Intelligent Design trial

Argues case for ID's inclusion

Sweden champions the cow-powered train

Bovine biogas

Nvidia preps GeForce Go 7300

According to Asus...

DeXtrous Delphi with DavidI

Borland roadmap explained

Hong Kong man convicted for movie sharing

BitTorrent user found guilty

MS adopts stronger encryption for IE7

Code maker

Abba crowned queens of Eurovision

Waterloo best song ever: official

SpyMedia: More Austin Powers than James Bond

Blows subscribers' cover in email

VeriSign and ICANN strike monster net deal

Verisign drops lawsuits, gets dotcom registry to 2012

AMD nabs market share from Intel

Saw higher shipments growth rates in Q3 too

No winner in space elevator contest

It's a rollover!

VoIP security framework erected

Talks about talk

Sun's grid: lights on, no customers

14 months of utility computing vision

Tropical storm Alpha triggers fatal floods

Busy week for record-breaking storm

Is it a passport, an ID card, or a fiddle? A minister explains

AnalysisWe analyse McNulty's train of logic

CEOs should follow NBA and make geeks wear real clothes

And ninethlyPut your pants on, coders! Grow up!

Tiscali power glitch reaches across Europe

Lights out at TINet

Storage vendors launch open source consortium

Building on existing efforts

OFT OKs C&W's Energis buy

No competition probe

Scramble to fix Skype security bug

Hanging on the telephone

St. Fister cured of Itanic wickedness

The final miracle

Gluecode gets IBM makeover

A fresher take on open source

IBM shows Xbox chip but won’t speak its name

Three speedy cores

Fujitsu vows to carry Sun with four-core SPARC

Jupiter rises in 2008

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