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18th > October > 2005 Archive

Wikipedia founder admits to serious quality problems

Yes it's garbage, but it's delivered so much faster!

Sun gives Unix giants a plus

Hunting IBM

RSA hears from ex-MI5 boss

Stella performance

IBM piles up earnings in Q3

So glad to dump the PC business

Internet worries US consumers

Are security fears reducing ecommerce

Lloyds TSB tests password-generators

Begone, Phishing!

Liferay after Plumtree

AnalysisPure play portals alive and kicking

Sage upbeat on trading

Meets expectations

VeriSign aggregates Moreover

Blogosphere power play

Pipex gobbles up Freedom 2 Surf

It's amazing what £10m will buy

CA casts light on iLumin

storage management bolt-on

e-gov head calls for Transformation Meditation

Another day, another public sector acronym

Say hello to the Skype Trojan

Malware poses as VoIP software

HM Customs warns of e-Xmas duty

Confused? Don't be flocks to the web

Trading post

3 UK lets subscribers be video stars

Popping your backside on the copier is so last century

Cisco extends network protection

NAC gets more mates

Security pros win out in office politics

Business managers starting to listen (allegedly)

International laws for international crimes

RSA Europe, 2005One ring to bind them all

ID card debates need reframing

RSA Europe 2005Calm down dear, it's only an ID card

Unisys to decimate workforce after poor Q3

Come in number ten, your time is up

Bird flu: you'll die but your IT will survive

Good news from Gartner

UK ID card a recipe for massive ID fraud, says Microsoft exec

National tech officer IDs systemic design flaws

Pearl casts 950 jobs over to Tata

A BPO deal for life... and pensions

UK political party flogged on eBay

MP3 yours for £2k

Black helicopters prompt burnt toast pandemic

LettersWe might have missed something there...

IBM takes hardware route to SOA

Give us the DataPower

PC shipments surge

Notebooks ahoy!

Fujitsu breaks from Intel-only camp, embraces Opteron

And then there was one

MySQL destined for 'majority' market share

Developers mad for it

Old dog VMware learns new server partitioning tricks

Grizzled and more functional

Legal charge mars Intel's sparkling Q3

Sales and settlements up

Motorola's Zndr toasts record Q3

Hello, Ed

Bird flu fever hits eBay

Tamiflu sales pulled

Apple and Disney's two-inch disappointment

OpinionMedia lauds mouse-sized package

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