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17th > October > 2005 Archive

BEA acquires more stack

It’s about business not software

Cheap DLT pitched to outpace DAT

Can 320GB for under $1000 revive DLT's ailing image?

Wanadoo toasts unbundled broadband with 8 meg service

Le LLU est arrivé

US looks for firmer digital TV deadline

Auction must raise at least $5bn

Murdoch closes in on Easynet

Moving in for the kill

Minister's shock claim: ID scheme to check 13 biometrics

This little piggy failed the scan test, this little piggy tried again...

Money firms sniffing around NTL/Telewest

Heaven scent

2% of gamers are hermaphrodite: official

Or alien, possibly

Regulators clear ATI chairman of insider trading

Case slammed shut

Millions of UK households at risk of ID theft

Beware the phantom bin raider

Email makes you fat

Sport England combats electronic obesity menace

BT named as Friends Reunited bidder

Touching base with ex-punters

Of mass market telco TV

AnalysisThe route to market for UK ISPs

Bored geek seeks girl for Antigua jolly

Wanna top and tail with me? Click here

Palm gets a grip on BlackBerry

In briefRIM's wireless email hits Treo

Boffin tackles toast soldier nightmare

No more boiled-egg-based trauma

OFT probe could scupper C&W/Energis deal

Caudwell presses for investigation

Shared music abuse bug hits iTunes

You CAN stop the music

MS logo allowed in German TV election coverage

Objections ignored

Missing assets prompt probe into Granville accounts

Time/Tiny administrators said to be seeking £8m

Martian robot trundles into Gizmoville

Tech DigestKitastic

Bulldog mauls BT over 'disappointing' BB unbundling

All's fair in LLU and war

Yahoo! latest to court AOL

In briefMore suitors than Saville Row

BBC launches Doctor Who spin-off

Torchwood: laughs meet paranoia

How Clarke is fiddling the £30 'affordable' ID card

AnalysisHome Office figures right, apart from all the numbers

Text 'addict' on the mend

'gt wll sn'

ESA readies Venus Express for launch

Mission to unravel mysteries of our 'evil twin'

Swansea IT workers fear job losses

Lustre rubs off 'golden guarantees'

Glitch afflicts critical MS patch

Look before you leap

US ambassador nails Bulgarian mobile thief

GPS fingers airport culprit

Start-up promises era of grand log collection

Honest Abe would be proud

Web 2.0 worm downs MySpace

Angle bracket defenses breached

The Blooker Prize: Small Pieces, Partially Digested

LettersRight. Who flarted?

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