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13th > October > 2005 Archive

Bulldog teams up with 'my-bulldog-hell' site

Online help

Lie detector tests for UK benefits claimants

No wires - voice stress analysis

Arrests 'unlikely' to impact botnet threat

Bot herders galore!

Sky plans broadband assault

Targets BT, NTL-Telewest

Stuff the internet, say Peruvian farmers

We want irrigation

Intel-led fast Wi-Fi group menaces IEEE

Enhanced Wireless Consortium revs up

Vodafone biffed in 'best bar none' scrap

Best, bestest, most bestest

Novell and IBM offer per chassis Linux deal for blades


Pirates set sail to Darknet island

Or is it the Grouper archipelago?

Desktop search and malware: friend or foe?

Double-edged sword

Coming soon: the mp3 breast implant

BT bod moots musical mams

Avanquest takes StarOffice to European retailers

Downloads too

EC moots pan-European music licensing

Good governance

Mannheim starts Linux migration

Desktops will follow later

New 007 licenced tomorrow

Daniel Craig favourite for latest Bond

NASA to fund new X-Prize competitions

Lunar vehicles and big rockets

Bell Micro to trim 'disappointing' European ops

'Shortfall in sales and profits'

Google, Comcast court AOL

Oh to be popular

Of Citrix roadmaps and other things

Access Suite Vision

Yahoo! clamps down on predatory chat

I am 16, going on 60

US cybersecurity all at sea

... without a paddle

Study reveals gaps in UK system to track criminal and terror finance

Lots of data, but police can't or won't use it fully

Looming crisis prompts prison governors' call for electronic tagging

They're having a laugh, right?

Video iPod plus Front Row: Media Center killer, or shoulder-shrug?

Are you content with the content?

Deadly bird flu strain confirmed in Turkey (the country)

Coming soon to a flock near you

BSA wants 'private copy levies' scrapped

Europeans paying twice

Samsung pays $300m to settle DRAM cartel case

Guilty as charged

JBoss takes SOA step closer to IBM

It's all about the process

Nokia E-phones might finally mean business

AnalysisCampus VoIP and OMA DM aren't sexy, but matter

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