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12th > October > 2005 Archive

China's DVD format 'ready by 2008'

Blu-Ray meets the Red Way

BT and OneTel lock horns over mis-selling dispute

Not pretty

Apple finally kills Gil Amelio's legacy by numbers

Best ever financials stuff 1995 figures

IBM makes tape disappear with virtual storage magic

More big plans

Microsoft and Yahoo! 'to merge IM chat'


UK taxpayers lose billions to errors, fraud and crap IT

Ill-judged re-orgs

Small firms drive web growth

Along with helping hand from blogs and spam

AT&T finds 911 workaround

Will it satisfy FCC?

US IT spending slows

Figures from Forrester

BBC demands £180 licence fee

Not your grandmother's auntie

Environmental refugees could hit 50m by 2010

Climate change not helping

OneTel 'worst mis-selling offender' says BT

As war of words rumbles on

Business support for ID cards collapses

One in four like 'em

Worm fears over MS October patch batch

Nine patches - three critical - in latest monthly update

Sweden takes file sharer to court

First charged with file sharing

Pru to hang on to Egg stake

Humpty Dumpty unavailable for comment

Sexism still rife in science and tech jobs, research says

Holding women back

Carphone profits up

Share price down

Phishing attack targets one-time passwords

Scratch it and weep

Texans battle RFID-driven black helicopters

Wal-Mart 'awareness-raising' protest

Games industry fights violent video law

We'll be back

China's space mission blasts off

Moon cakes for breakfast

Voda faces trademark row with PCCW

Just don't mention the 'now' word

El Reg - RSS feeding the mobile world

3G-tastic Vulture on the go

Interview with a tech entrepreneur

TechScapeBritish and 26 years-old. Blimey

Nokia BlackBerry killers hit the streets

Email crazy

Email scam suspect made 'threats to kill'

Rack of charges

Homo floresiensis gains credibility

New Flores finds back 'island-dwarfing' theory

Freddie Mercury's Roller rolls onto eBay

Complete with box of Queen-sized tissues

IBM donates Rational IP to Open Source

Guidelines for software builders

Virus writers create Nintendo DS Trojan

Bricking it

Bacon Raton keeps US at top of spam charts

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

New Palms cheaper than expected

$99 color and $299 WiFi models debut

Apple intros couch potato iMac and video iPod

XP Media Center? We've heard of it

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