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6th > October > 2005 Archive

How Dell repels attempts to buy its 'open source' PC

We tried. We gave up

iTunes phone not shifting - analyst

Too ugly, too expensive, and not enough memory domain sale could be a 'record breaker'


Website seeks sex toy testers

Orgasm Army, come on down

Muslim phone calls faithful to prayer

Catholics missing a trick?

Victims coughing up to online extortionists

Botnet economy expanding

Tories reject migrants as skills gap solution

No thank you

T-Mobile goes large on mobile net access

It's gonna be massive, apparently

Deadly 1918 flu virus lives again

Only in the lab, but even so...

Gator menaces Cornish duck pond

Dragnet fails to locate rogue reptile

Level 3 depeers Cogent

Hello, is there anybody out there?

Be nice to Taiwan, you [terribly rude expletive]!

FoTWReg staffer dismisses relocation plan

Police foil £1m mobile phone theft

The future's not so bright for someone

MS goes a bundle on malware protection

Security plans inch forward

Star Trek parody hits 450k downloads


FTC clamps down on spyware firm

Journey's end for Odysseus

Golfers to get their own broadband

Pitch and punt

All aboard the Enterprise Service Bus

AnalysisEvent processing, anyone?

Motorola zaps 1,900 jobs

'Productivity improvement plans'

Sony loses Aussie PlayStation mod chip case

Not a g'day for regional coding

Virus naming scheme gets mixed reception

A rose by any other name

UK court slaps Asbo on lawyer

'Drunk and abusive' solicitor menace contained

Galileo project threatened by funding row

So the Italian space agency says

Finland bans DRM fiddling in all its forms

Even 'organised discussions' thereof

US ISP sues for defamation

The Eagle wants to land someone in court

AOL confirms Weblogs Inc buyout


Sober worm comeback poses as schoolfriend pic

Old boy

Tsunami hacker convicted

Fine + costs for Daniel Cuthbert

Show us your paperwork - AMD

AMD vs IntelFreshly baked subpoenas

Adaptec to offload costly systems growth engine

Anyone need a kick in the NAS?

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