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25th > June > 2004 Archive

Storage users love the press and a good brand

Style over substance, price and quality

World warms to municipal Wi-Fi

From Taipei to New York, it's wireless a-go-go

Cybercafe domain war a storm in a coffee cup

It was five years ago today...25 June 1999

Student digs get wired for broadband

So much illegal P2P action, so little time

AMD to assemble low-power CPU taskforce

Taking Athlon 64 into Centrino territory

Jan Baan the software man

Tasty Cordys releases in prospect

Toshiba touts pump-free fuel cell for MP3 players

Fuel is not sold in a forest, nor fish in a lake

Mobile video must get with the programme

And as for video conferencing...

NHS data security shambles

LettersAnd why blowing up Basildon is a good thing

Credit card-sized smart phone ships... sort of

Peeks round curtain, ducks back when spotted

Watch out! Incoming mass hack attack

We're all doomed! Doomed!

Saturn's Phoebe 'most like Pluto'

Origins of rocky moon revealed

PC maker confirms 775-pin Celeron D

Even as Socket 478 versions launch

IBM settles 'poisoned' workers' cancer claims

Not talking numbers

National Grid bids for 3,500 phone masts

Acquisition of Crown Castle kit imminent

Next-gen PalmOne Treo details show up on Web

PDA maker ready to serve an Ace?

Amazon axes 20 UK jobs, claim insiders

In briefSealed lips

PalmSource narrows Q4 loss

Slight revenue gain

Man charged over Google blackmail attempt

Cost per click scam

ATI breaks revenue record

But Q4 gains slight

DoCoMo launches tiny Premini phone

World's smallest handset?

Satellites get smart

Automated flood detection, for starters

ICSTIS blames dialler scams for premium rate freeze

Punters need protecting

US army dips into nanotech research

Small Soldiers

Russia fines text hack spammer

In briefU iz nikdski

Outed: Skype project to dial real phone numbers

Ripe for Skype Hype

Hitachi and NEC look to network Japan

New venture begins Asian persuasion

Wi-Fi is big hit for Tae Kwon Do

Martial Law

Sun slams Red Hat

Solaris 'cheaper than Linux', says exec

Intel recalls faulty Grantsdale chipsets

Only channel affected

Egenera and its amazing technicolor IPO

Made to order vendor

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