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23rd > June > 2004 Archive

Google demotes Coca Cola jingle

Saving the world now hidden in IPO prospectus

Microsoft, Apple snub consumer freedom coalition

DRM as a competitive advantage

Vote for who should run the UK's Internet

Nominet board elections underway

Broadband gets FCC chairman hot

SuperCommGet ready to consume

Apple iTunes Europe shifts 0.8m songs in first week

Over half in the UK

Carlyle and Kyocera dig deep into DDI Pocket

Handyphone investment

Oracle - Microsoft sales battles revealed in court

Bill and Larry go toe-to-toe...

Call centres 'bad for income and health'

UNISON backs workers

Digital home group touts convergence spec

Plug'n'Pray to come to hi-fis, DVD players etc.

eBay buys Indian auction site

Shells out $50m for

Mobile operators push next gen services

You will learn to love picture messaging

Dixons profits up

Euro expansion and 2,000 more jobs

Iomega debuts PC card slot drive

It was five years ago today...23 June 1999

Network Associates CEO denies sale rumours

A denial? Must be true then...

Moore shows hi-fi styled 'home cinema' PC

Reg Kit WatchAudiophile orientation

Beastie Boys CD installs virus

Exploits autorun 'feature'

PCs throw nine sickies a year

'I won't be in today - I got spammed last night'

Biometric DRM? You're kidding, right?

LettersRIAA master plan not a big hit

RIAA sues 482 more unnamed file-sharers

Settlement rate under 17.5 per cent

Make BT more transparent, say rival telcos

No need to break up BT - yet

Telewest plagued by intermittent email probs

Hard to nail down stuck in 'old economy' mindset

Time to wake up and smell coffee, says Intellect

Open sourcerers slam licensing slur

LettersAnd where's my Tiffany MP3?

Big six unite to can spam

Holy alliance issues statement of intent

SBC plans über-network

Fibre optic 'super-high-speed broadband'

Fine Telstra AUS$100m, rival ISP demands

And beat it with a stick for broadband price nobble

'Son of Patriot' hits Basildon

Essex welcomes Javelin missile plant

Dutch e-voting software goes open source

Public scrutiny

Virgin Digital sets US, UK debut dates

August and September, respectively

How safe is your medical record?

Decide for yourselves, says IT supremo

Domain names come of age

DNS is 21 years old

Hotmail bins email accounts on hearsay

Delete first, ask no questions whatsoever

Oracle eyes Business Objects from afar

Acquisition of hit-list target a remote possibility

Spanish police smash €35m dialer scam

Huge Internet fraud

Guantanamo Bay loses 'least worst place' status - Navy

Photoshop chop

Comdex canned

And nobody notices

Seagate gets litigious with small hard drive rival

Calls Cornice to court

HP's OpenView set for identity showdown

TruLogica baked in

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