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22nd > June > 2004 Archive

Fujitsu unleashes 90nm SPARC64

Warming up for Sun

Microsoft sues over South American drug allegations

Asks for definition of FUD

Larry Ellison's shopping list

Siebel, BEA, and the Soviet Air Force

Internet inventor Vint Cerf vows to network chickens

SuperCommSo he can watch them cluck from Mars

AMD reveals Opteron crash bugs

Fixes pipelined

Motorola files for Freescale IPO

Sets a stock price range, but not a date

Merrill Lynch drops out of Google IPO

Updated prospectus

Have 419ers bled Africa dry?

Shocking evidence of fiscal collapse

Watch out for the bogus invoice man

Summertime and the scammin' is easy

Intel invests in smart antennae to drive Wi-Fi, WiMAX

Mo' funding for Motia

AMD defeats Intel in US Supreme Court

Chip giant must now hand over documents to EC

CopperEye releases datablade for Informix

Go faster stripe

Intel launches 90nm Celerons

Prescott Jr.

Tiffany sues eBay over fakes

Your site, your responsibility...

MPs slams Customs on suck it and see IT

Hey, that's our money you're throwing away

Cablevision in triple play promo

Price performance

SpaceShipOne triumphs

Space tourism, here we come?

Peter Gabriel sells digital music firm

Loss-making OD2 and Loudeye join... er... forces

PalmOne posts Q4 profit

Upbeat for The Street

SIP pundit fires broadside at Skype

VoIP catfight hots up

Intertrust ready for DRM role

Set to move on after MS settlement

Ofcom bungles Tiscali broadband ad ruling

Jumping the gun

People must come first in e-government

A bit radical?

MS 'to drop' Xbox compatibility from Xbox 2

New console, new games

BMW to add iPod in-car interconnect

Who's gonna drive you home... tonight?

Aussie troops to become Wi-Fi GIs

LAN of the free...

Bell Micro buys UK distie

Buys OpenPSL for $36m

BT picks PeopleSoft

Vote of confidence?

Gates' money-pile now bigger than galaxy

It was five years ago today...22 June 1999

US hardcore not interested in the Net

Are you a 'Resistor' or just 'Unconnected'?

US and EU kiss and make up over Galileo

European satnav system is go

US telecomms research in disarray - official

SuperCommNo clear way out

File traders put an end to Lollapalooza

Hell no! We won't go!

Microsoft poo-poos Xbox 2 backwards compatibility 'fiction'

But if it's too early to say, why is MS saying anything?

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