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21st > June > 2004 Archive

Nortel and Cisco chat prompts merger mania

Two plus two can equal five...

Sony adds HDD to USB Flash drive line-up

Reg Kit WatchMore capacious, but less compact

Bluetooth folding keyboard enters the wild

PDA cool - at a price

AMD: no longer the also-ran

Long-term strategy for serious contender

Unisys pushes the ES7000 envelope

Performance up, cost down

Universal to revive dead CD single format

Tiny discs to restore single market in turn

EMI, Warner Music renew 'pre-nup talks'

If Sony and BMG can wed, why not us?

SpaceShipOne ready for go

Next stop space for private craft

IBM overtakes HP in top of the teraflops

Supercomputer hit parade... complacent over virus threats

Blended attack? Whatever

C&W moots more UK acquisitions

Wants to be major telco player

FriendsReunited buys Aussie site

Onwards and upwards for nostalgia / infidelity service

Linux alliance fights against Euro software patents

It was five years ago today...21 June 1999

Syrian surfer jailed

Downloaded material from banned website

China urges ISPs to sign 'self-disciplinary' pact

Wants Net to be healthy

Sendo X S60 smartphone rollout finally starts

Hot in Europe this summer?

'Spit with Totti' - the online challenge

Euro 2004 footie fun

Dell launches i915, i925 systems

XPS desktops for gamers, Dimensions for everyone else

Met Office bags shiny new supercomputer

Cray twins out of the forecasting business

Glasgow vandals cut 5,000 phone lines

Cables get snipped

Workers get into email trouble

Adults treated like adults act like adults...

Symantec hits counterfeit biz for $3.2m

Personal damages too

Bahrain mobile number: yours for $13k

Eye-catching numerals demand high price

Dell UK slashes Dimension to just £53,000

A 'build-your-own' online bargain

North Americans confused about VoIP

It's the cheap calls, stupid

Oracle waves goodbye to NetSuite

Preps its own small biz suite

GorillaPark emerges as GP Ventures

Tech incubator battles on

Hewitt takes HRO lead with Exult acquisition

That's human resources outsourcing to you

Nortel stock rallies on talk of Cisco bid

All mouth and no trousers

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