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16th > June > 2004 Archive

EMC measures ADIC for tape rescue

StorageTek laughs off lack of culture

Energis dials up first profit


UK firm patents software downloads

BTG in talks 'with several firms'

BT cocks up email storage upgrade

Your limit is minus 2GB

Open Source: just another licensing model

In the end, it's all about lucre

Nokia makes all the right noises

Clamshell concessions at Nokia Connection 2004

Amadeus takes control of Opodo

Online travel world gets ever smaller...

Feds reject anti-spam registry

Spammers will use it against us

Americans lost $2.4bn to net fraudsters in 2003

Phishing fastest growing online crime

IT manager fired for lunchtime Web surfing

It was five years ago today...16 June 1999

Bono rides into Silicon Valley

Roving rock pundit turns venture capitalist

BBC outsource deal includes staff black list

Buy an IT dept, get free list of P45 candidates

Wheels come off DVD royalty-dodging ruse

Cunning Dutch plan hit by hardware crash

FCC posts GSM, Wi-Fi iPaq specs

Details confirmed

SurfControl distributes email mailing list

To recipients of data confidentiality report

EMC ups storage software market share

But no home storage product yet

Elpida, Micron ask Japan to take Hynix to task

More illegal state subsidy allegations

Reg Reader Studies: the results are in

Free research downloads

Redbus Interhouse suffers power outage

Lights out at colocation centre

Astronomers weigh ultra-cool brown dwarf

He ain't heavy

Intel 'delays' Centrino 2 chipset

Alviso said to be pushed back to Q1 2005

Sony to ship new PSX models on 1 July

PlayStation PVR updated

Apple resellers are revolting

Disgruntled US dealers get litigious

Printer majors rally around ISO toner lifespan standard

But what about print quality?

XFX GeForce 6800 Ultra

ReviewNvidia's top-end chip hits retail

Penguins come to Wimbledon

IBM serves up tennis treat

CMI launches search for the Future of Comms

Democracy is at the edge of the network

Red Planet serves up blueberries

Martian pebbles point to water flow

Spammer prosecutions waste time and money

Spammed if you do and spammed if you don't

CollabNet revamp makes offshorers happy

MS Project hits the bin

Oracle finds more app server staff off H-101

Collaxa coming on board

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