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3rd > June > 2004 Archive

Promiscuous BluePod file swapping - coming to a PDA near you

ExclusiveReg inspires Pocket Napster

Sun gets liquored up on own code

Sun NetworkSlosh the squeaky wheel

Self-destructing MP3s don't satisfy Korean RIAA

Court case looms

Seagate axes thousands

Slipped disk

Police slap cuffs on Punk SMSer

Clash lyrics intercepted, collar felt

UK air traffic control computer fails

Back up now, but expect delays

DirecTV's anti-SLAPP slap to litigant

Court rules against former anti-piracy enforcer

Mobile apps will drive Taiwan silicon

Dr Morris Chang speaks

Carphone Warehouse cashes in on 3G

Profits solid, outlook promising

Greek 3G 'ready for Olympics'

Even if the stadium isn't

Famous American launches 4G - but this time, is anyone listening?

McCaw is back

OEM software scams on the rise

Piracy market thriving

BT punts another broadband promo

'Sign of a competitive marketplace' apparently

UK legal downloads hit half a million

Music biz not dead then

SpaceShipOne readied for 21 June launch

X-Prize awaits at 62 miles

No news is bad news for Nortel

Accounts still in a mess

Too much communication is bad for you

It was five years ago today...3 June 1999

Korgo raises zombie PC army

Russian Hangup Team fingered in release

BT launches wholesale sat broadband service

Cheap? Nope

NotCon: golden age of the geekesque

Conference examines the prawn sandwich, and much more

Security cert body gives lesson in insecurity

(ISC)2 contact database left wide open

NTL Ireland to splash €100m on network

Broadband upgrade

Euro printer sales on the up-and-up

Channel RoundupAnd Azlan appoints biz development director

French music biz staff revolt over downloads

Majors blame Net for threatened staff cull

Mutant son of MyDoom plans three-pronged attack

Multiple vulns exploited, end of world nigh

Reed says yes to science on the Web

Publisher dips toe into open access

London council clamps down on Sony and BMG

Flyposting music biz gets file-sharing treatment

US groups lobby over VoIP regulation

Please don't get all telephonic on us

GPS research money up for grabs

GALILEO project readies readies

Opera snips phishing lines

Fake address flaw nipped in the bud

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