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27th > October > 2003 Archive

Asus A620BT Bluetooth Pocket PC

Reg Review

Logitech Pocket Digital 130 digicam

First UK ReviewUltra-compact 1.3 megapixel model

Palm Tungsten T3 PDA

Reg ReviewGolly, what big screen you have

Palm Tungsten E PDA

Reg Review'Razor' reborn

Creative SoundBlaster MP3+

Reg ReviewEnhanced audio for your notebook?

Micro MP3 Players

Reg Group TestWanted: very small pockets

Viewsonic V35 Pocket PC

Reg ReviewNew PDA

The Palm Zire 71 PDA

A Reg in-depth review

Intel takes axe to P4, Celeron prices

Desktop and mobile

Palm Tungsten C Wi-Fi PDA

A Reg in-depth review

Joe Average User Is In Trouble

OpinionWhere's my security blanket?

Email scammers target Halifax, Nationwide, Citibank

Open season for 'phishing'

Google: the challenges of the proposed IPO

Monopoly money

Tide turns for enterprise apps vendors

Worst is over?

BOFH and The Boss's Porn

Episode 15I said Water skiing!

BOFH and The Conference

Episode 14Gimme some Pens!

Opera mobile makes breakthrough with Nokia 6600

First shot at built-in mass market

Halifax suspends e-banking site after phishing attack

Self-actuated denial of service?

Buffalo's Airstation ISDN

Wi-Fi for the ADSL-less

Sony sued by US university over PS2 chip tech

Toshiba targeted too

Longhorn to erase Cairo mis-step with 1995 ship date

Like Bobby returning to Dallas, or something

Next DVD spec. to offer Net access not more capacity

DVD Forum taking DRM to the next level?

US Army ‘going to Linux’ after OS switch for GI PDA

It's more stable, says officer about to hear from Microsoft

Packard Bell preps Athlon 64 notebook

For now in Belgium

Casio extends Exilim digicam to four megapixels

Reg Kit WatchPlus Fujitsu's new Athlon XP-M notebook

US govt. can't ‘search and destroy’ leaked secrets

The shoplifting ex-spy and the myserious overseas mission

SuSE sinks hooks into Veritas

Unix threat

Symantec buys ON Technology

ON message for $100m

Novelty farting dog sparks US terror alert

Malodorous mechanical mutt mayhem

EU develops cyber crime forensics standards

Best practice

Cray preps new Opteron-based product line

Behind the Red Storm

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