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23rd > October > 2003 Archive

Small companies' cash is not good enough for SCO

You'll pay when we're good and ready

Accounting, DRAM price rise puts Hynix in profit

Big operational loss though

US software centre to open in Belfast

Don't outsource - set up your own base abroad

AMD to cut Athlon XP prices Monday

UpdateChinese whispers

Justice e-censorship gaffe sparks controversy

Uncut and unpaste

Slammer and Sobig boost Symantec

It’s an ill wind…

Nvidia GeForce FX 5950 Ultra goes on sale

Pre-order offer reveals all

The Met takes safer surfing to the classrooms

Goodie bag

Toshiba launches VGA, Wi-Fi PDA

e805 offers 802.11b, 480 x 640 display

Thus creates 250 jobs in Glasgow

Call centre boost

Sony unveils slim, speedy 5MP digicam

Reg Kit WatchPlus: Toshiba's other new PDA

Nokia figures claim massive N-Gage sales

Independent numbers don't...

Nvidia comes clean on GeForce FX 5700, 5950

It's official

BT Openzone to cut hotspot charges for business

£5 a month, 5p a minute tariff on way

Meet the guinea pig man of Flanders

What former L&H boss did next

European Commission publishes its guide to OSS migration

Highly detailed how-to and why-to

Remote access provider expands Euro Wi-Fi coverage

Gric picks Cloud, PicoPoint, Monzoon

Veritas fattens revenue in Q3

Software strength

Pointsec takes crypto to Symbian

PIN down

SafeNet seeks gold in Rainbow

Urge to merge

Tablet PC OEMs chafe at low sales, costly Windows

With sales like these, they're not a happy lot

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