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16th > October > 2003 Archive

IP convergence eat away at voice services cash cow

Customer pressure

EDS and Opsware: bringing XML to the data centre

Ready and waiting

Apple UK confirms iPod add-ons launch

Commenting on unannounced product?

Micron samples DDR 2 mobile DIMMs

Getting ready for Centrino 2

Intel's Grove blames unitease on TWHRUPBS

AnalysisCan we ping our HOEPGS to generate STPRAOUPBDZ in time?

Transmeta Q3 sales slump

May halve again during Q4...

Sony to work with Intel on mobile music tech

Pre-empting 'Napster for cellphones'?

Gates: MS has 20m mobile market share, heads for 60%

But despite appearances, he hasn't been inhaling...

MS shores up five critical security holes

First monthly patch

Health, Safety and… BOFH

Episode 24Who put that extinguisher there?

AMD re-iterates plan to offer multi-core Opterons

K9 = K8 * 2?

VeriSign's Site Finder is undead

All your typos are belong to us (redux)

Spammers struggle with words

^^ a BUL"KY 'PO;L`E

Beefed-up firewall, new version of Update for XP SP2

Details of security 'secret sauce' emerge

Lime Wire launches legal content portal

It's not all dodgy Metallica CD rips, you know

Prescott set for 90-100W power draw – Intel

Comes clean on thermals

SunnComm CEO demands to be called a ‘laughing stock’

LetterGet it right

Sun gives glimpse of revised Solaris TCP/IP stack

Fire Engine on the Software Express

VeriSign sells off NetSol

Keeps control of .com and .net, natch

Why Unpatched got unplugged

IE vulns page 'outlived its usefulness'

Sun struggles in Q1

Analysts hungry for blood

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