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29th > January > 2002 Archive

FoTW: “i am going to stop comming to your gay site”

Mac Intelligentsia takes no prisoners

Greene ‘Lame and rather unknowledgeable Linux wannabee’

Harry Go Home-owner

Windows now “friendlier than the Mac”

You need Soul

Letters: Eat Yourself Fitter with a Vulture Diet

RoundupOur State of the Carrion address

Welcome to The Confused Lounge


Peek-A-Booty to debut at grassroots P2P show

Reclaiming the meme

Tiscali attacked by DDoSers

Unclear and present danger

That ‘Microsoft’ RTFM page (and sundry spoofs)

UpdatedIn the Whitehouse

UK Net usage grows

Oftel takes credit

Russian hacker breaks into US bank database

Now he's in big trouble

Lotus roadmaps full J2EE 1.3 support

Notes and Domino 6 due in Q3

'BOFH II – Son of the Bastard' set to top Reg bestseller list

Devilish spawn indeed

Egg buys Zebank

Focuses on 'up-market and metropolitan' punters

New BT chief rules out network sale

No means no - apparently

Cookie monster bites Netscape and Mozilla users

Masquerade risk unmasked

Solaris on Intel out? Does that mean Linux is in?

Probably not

Back Microsoft and win an iPaq

Redmond supporters deploy techtoys

US crackers top Internet attack league

Britain fails to chart

Cisco pulls plugs on new Scottish office

Disappointment for Glasgow

Symbian gang of five stumps up another £20m funding

Expecting 2.5G postal orders from Q2...

Aramiska in Northern Ireland broadband deal

Back-scratching benefits business

Kodak sued in camera fiasco

Say 'cheese'

Check Point looks to bridge small biz security gap

Hitting the SonicWALL barrier

ElcomSoft attacks DMCA in Sklyarov test case

Vague, overly broad, misapplied

Palmisano confirmed as IBM CEO

Lou 'I fell in love with IBM' Gerstner

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