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27th > September > 2001 Archive

Corel makes money shock!

Fiscal conservatism

Maxtor thinks enterprise

Mass NAS

Affinity revenues up as losses widen

Unmetered Net access fails to take-off

MS moves to head off Linux desktop ‘threat’

'You told us Linux is coming - we believe you!'

BTAnytime turns into Notime for 200 ‘abusers’

Complaints pile up with Ad watchdog

New UK domain rules save Internet's soul

Nominet remembers the concept of openness and free speech

Marconi shares ‘worthless’

Former giant hits all-time low

blueyonder jumps onto broadband content bandwagon

Just as BTopenworld leaps off

RM stuffed by school cut backs

Profit warning

BSA sues five UK businesses for software piracy

Investigating 300 more

Mandrake revamps Linux distro

First impressions

MS hires Iran-Contra attorney

Big tobacco and the Beast

Tiscali accounts slip leaves punters disconnected


Kournikova virus kiddie gets 150 hours community service

Hanging was too good for him

DSL roll-out delayed in Ireland

Regulator wants to ensure pricing is competitive

Software sales growth slows – Gartner

Sept 11 intensifies slowdown

Brits hailed for component software breakthrough

Only sensible VCs, please

Face recognition useless for crowd surveillance

So why is Visionics selling it to airports?

Apple OS X upgrade: reaction and rumours

UpdatedNews at Ten

SuSE grabs Best-Business-Linux gong

Big Three almost too close to call

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