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24th > September > 2001 Archive

Face recognition software gets a boost

And other 'collateral damage' in the war on civil liberties

All Black gets first XP PC

Up'n'down under

Make ID cards compulsory, urges Oracle boss

And here's how I can help...

Ding Dong Tiny Calling

PC Make over time for Avon

Short term XP memory

Stuff your PC fast - Crucial

Boots boots out

Lights! Cameras! Inaction!

Earthlease still sniffing around BT's local loop

To make formal offer soon, says paper

BT releases its demerger plans

To be put to shareholder vote

Palm confirms Motorola, Nokia smartphones axed

You read it here first

Oops! Symantec forgets to renew domain

Antivirus critic helps out

Upstarts profit from BT cutbacks

European Powers soothes fears over US attacks

Predicts buoyant Q4

Nominet rules against Findlay Steele for

Software company to appeal against very dubious decision

Corporate portals – the security risks

You are the Weakest Link. Hello

NTL terminates Net access for CWC customers


MS prices will ‘damage UK business’

To the tune of £900m, group claims

Internet will become ‘unusable’ by 2008

Yeah. Right

BTopenworld sends Trojan to subscribers

Bad trip from BadTrans

Lucent turns off ‘flagship’ switch


Brits want ID cards, not worried about privacy

You name it - we'll show it

MS shows toppling towers in ZDNet advert

Taste -- hello??

Ditch Microsoft IIS now, says Gartner

And put .NET plans on ice until rewrite

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