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19th > September > 2001 Archive

Palm leaks unannounced m125 onto Web – then pulls it

But not before we confirmed our previous stories...

Palm m525 to boast built-in Bluetooth

End tangled HotSync cable misery

Dell to launch Intel's 2GHz Xeon any day now

Announcing ahead of chip's formal launch

BT's 192 service faces competition

Telegate says it will compete

Mitsubishi to double chip unit job cuts

1000 more contractors to lose contracts

Rambus rises on Intel investment

Shares up 16.5% yesterday, 7% Tuesday

Online travel industry reeling from US attacks

Share collapses, job losses, services suspended

BTopenwoe ditches portal plans

It's all about access don't you know

Online shoppers are getting ripped off

Says global consumers group

Norway – is it part of Europe or what?

Reg Shop offends entire nation

Meet Ziggy Switkowski

He's the man Australia blames for their crap Net access

Wintel forces raise the fault-tolerance standard

Combatting market knowledge

BT kits out 1,000th DSL exchange

Available to 13m homes begins Web email migration

Users confused

Hackers lash out at Islamic Usenet group

Cyber Vigilantes

Software firm takes on mighty financial watchdog

Cybersquatting? Hardly

M$ unveils Office for OS X

It's pricey

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