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18th > September > 2001 Archive

HP, Oracle, Cisco are terrorist targets, warns SF mayor

Thanks, Willie

Befuddled by file systems, browsers, computer history?

A Star Is Born to make profit this year

A dotcom success story - hip! hip!

‘We are at war’ – Dubya

OpinionDoes the word 'Vietnam' mean anything to you?

AltaVista sheds 160 jobs

Appoints new CEO

Nintendo sells 300,000 GameCubes in three days

Says terrorist attack won't affect US launch

Intel patent payments save Rambus' bacon

Turns loss and revenue decline to profit and income increase

BT Wireless – aka mmO2 – still a bit shaky

Bringing you up to date on what's going on

AMD names next Athlon after Windows XP

UpdatedAthlon XP, anyone?

DDR demand drives up Nanya's August sales

Bucks industry trend

WTC attack delays MS case another week

At the request of both parties...

Afilias extends/ delays .info roll-out

Troubled system hit harder by US atrocities

BTopenwoe cuts cost of installing ADSL

Rebrands, launches ad campaign

Hitachi CML170

ReviewFlat-panel monitor

HP fills out in the mid-range

Features culled from Superdome

UK jobs will go in AltaVista shakedown

But it won't say how many

Hedgers or terrorists behind pre-attack stock selling?

James Bond scenario or business as usual

IBM maps out database sales campaign

'People have had enough of Oracle tactics'

Nokia launches useless service!

Inflatable dartboard, anyone?

Compaq name to go, will trade as HP

MemowatchDid you already know that?

IBM axes 130+ Lotus positions

Thirty days to find new jobs

Real streams for earthbound delegates

Conference Call

Era of picking your own PDA draws to a close

Security concerns force firms to standardise

Teenage Mutant Nimda email rides the Code Red worm

Updated againAV tools light up like a Xmas tree

Speed-bumped AMD Athlon MP to launch next month

1.53GHz part out on 9 October

Terror attacks usher in copy controlled hardware

A Wake Up Call

HP parades the PA-RISC 8700

Shows off some servers

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