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10th > September > 2001 Archive

Intel apologises for Bluetooth gaffe

Grasping at nettles

VIA sues Intel, claims ownership of Pentium 4 patents

All your P4s are belong to us...

Dell pre-announces Palm m125

Turns up in Solutions Catolog - official launch next week

Remember the Alamo!

Lone Star state piles in to Netscape dialogue

Register believes MS worships devil

Well, if you say so...

Intel Pentium III to die on 7 December

No more orders taken after that

Nildram cuts cost of business-based broadband

That's it really

Intel's Mobile Roadmap

UpdatedMobile P4s to be rolled-out through 2002

Micron to donate $120m shareholding to charity

Will appear as a loss on company's Q4 balance sheet

Psion WaveFinder saved by software that works?

Yes, we know it's too late as well, but still...

ICANN: Performance and cocktails

ICANN meetingWill it let it help itself?

ICANN: It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

ICANN meetingSo it's goodbye from him

Mobo makers' shipments shot up 20% last month

September expected to be even better

Click here to calculate how much Win XP will cost you

Online test works out costs v. benefits

Code Blue targets Red China

Running worm lackey of capitalism

Has Ken Kesey infiltrated BBC News online?

Confusion over Auntie's acid-inspired features

Compuserve not for the chop – AOL UK

Jobs cuts sparks speculation

Netcraft Web Survey: August 2001

Stats'n'facts from around the Web

Rock Agenda Si

ReviewBudget Notebook

War breaks out over Afilias cock-up resignation

Nasty. Plus why is there now a new Afilias company?

MS tries to spin up a deal with DoJ

Would it be enough if we promised not to destroy Netscape again?

Expensive PCs curb Net growth


Stealth encoding bypasses IDS protection

Attack technique gets in under the wire

‘Killer DMCA’ to mandate digital-rights compliant hardware

Senate lap-dogs Hollings, Stevens urinate freely on public's leg

Federal Trade Commission probes Rambus, Sun

Investigates allegations of fraudulent behaviour

Intel launches i845 Pentium 4 PC133 chipset

Up to 35% more expensive that DDR parts

di Caprio touts gorilla-friendly mobile phones

UpdatedColtan, Prince of Darkness

Worldwide PC sales fall in 2001 – IDC

Make room for more gloom

Vendors beat up on Grey Market

'Joint education and joint outrage'

Spam puts PayHound in the privacy doghouse

Discloses thousands of email addresses

For hire: Compaq's iPaq engineering team

PocketPC division seeks new boss before Carly shows up

Reg corporate anthem competition results in full

We who are about to rock salute you

Independent film-makers waking up to DivX

Small beans at the moment, but there is movement

Judge trumps bureaucrat over workplace surveillance

Not that it does you any good

UK ecommerce revenues leap like a dachshund

Two per cent of retail sales nothing to bark at

It's BOFH Disaster Recovery Time

Episode 23Run for the Hills

Jeremy Allison sambas out of VA

NAS not needed

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