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10th > May > 2001 Archive

2 stepping GeForce goose-stepping

HWRoundupOne works, one doesn't

Guilty! Rambus committed fraud

UpdatedOrdered to pay Infineon $3.5m

BT shake-up to save business (touch wood)

The future's bright, the Future BT

Avnet launches ACS in Europe

Channel Flannel

BT unveils first-ever loss

Oh that it should come to this (sniff)

UK business confused about DSL

Never 'eard of it, mate

Cube8 buys Freeloader business

Online games has 'enormous potential'

AMD Palomino to ship as Athlon 4

Free the Pentium 4

NTL on target for 100K broadband punters

Swell, just swell

Hunt on for porn-meddling virus writers

Outbreak of Homepage worm under control

IBM confirms Intel Itanium 29 May launch date

Has to wait 'til then for Intel's say-so to launch machines based on the chip

'I'm not a quitter and I love my critics' – BT's Bonfield

Sir Pete is staying. Until the end of next year anyway

What's in BT's bargain bin?

The great telecoms sale

Sophos rebuffs virus-spreading charge

McAfee software thought rival's alert was the Homepage worm

Oops – MS mounts DoS attack on own WinXP telecon

Some imbecile published the phone number. Ah, yes...

Europeans love the Net

It's a way of life don't you know

German chancellor's wife gets Victorian on your ass

Children should be seen and not heard

Gateway and Siemens flout the law

Monitor monitor - the Reg turns supergrass

BOFHs will legally need licence to work

Legislation slips past in last week of Parliament

Gateway drops customers' pants in public

Web security gaffe

Leaked ICANN budget apportions $0 for elections

And shows $1m profit for the non-profit Net name quango

Opera 5.0 for Linux to ship next week

The third force makes its play...

ASUS releases games cheat drivers (Boo! Hiss!)

Bunch of lamers


HWRoundupALI SiS etc..

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