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9th > May > 2001 Archive

3DLabs extends channel embrace

Channel Flannel

Whitehat hacker made FBI patsy

Sleep with dogs, wake with fleas....

MS ‘screw Linux’ Blade tech debuts in… Transmeta servers

'Clarity of Intellectual Property ownership'? Phew.

Electorate says ‘no’ to Net voting

'X' marks the spot

France backs Jabber IM for 3G parlez-vous

Jeux sans frontiers

Nat Semi to eliminate 10% of staff

Cost-cutting move follows big dip in sales

WinXP – burn baby, burn…

WinXP DiariesOr not - the toasting's a little inconsistent...

eMachines looks for buyer

Or any other 'strategic' way out of its hole

Infineon demands $105m damages

Rambus vs InfineonAsks jury to throw book at Rambus

Sage weathers storm with 10 per cent profit increase

Investors still not impressed though axes DJs

A Net radio station with no DJs? Whatever next?

Cisco loses $2.69 billion on declining sales

US customers go walkabout

Roxio replies over Easy CD Creator problems

Official response

Infineon win may axe Samsung's Rambus royalty

Rambus vs InfineonHandy clause in Samsung's DDR licence emerges

E-minister bottles election debate

Prefers to press the flesh

America persists in militarizing space

Orbiting weapons not ruled out

Next-gen Matrox chip to launch June

G550 or G800? G550, we reckon

EasyJet pushes 90% of ticket sales onto Web

Discounts and not advertising phone number

BT bashed about by City – again, again

Killing its dividend now

WinXP to be best, fastest selling OS in history – by order

MS nails colours to mast - there's no going back...

DoCoMo defies telecoms slump

But a lot rests on 3G and i-Mode taking off

Sun thieves get six years apiece

Two mainboard blaggers in jail, rest of crew at large

Profanity, nein danke says Psion decency bot to Reg

Company spinmeister cut off from foul-mouthed journos

Music biz backs anti-Napster MP3 sniffer-outer

UpdatedFind out who's sharing your songs

Novell makes eDirectory freeware

All part of the OneNet dream

UK kids take to gambling and porn…

Just like what adults do

Who is the sexiest geek alive?

The annual competition returns for a second time

Tom Waits dogs for $40m

Him and Randy Newman rain on file sharer's parade

Homepage spreading faster than Kournikova worm

Epidemic exposes AV software flaws

Compaq iPaq Q1 sales skyrocket

Palm still way ahead, Psion marketshare slumps

The Times closes Interface tech section

Inspired by happenings in IT industry no doubt

Homepage Net worm spreading like wildfire

Uses same tricks as Kournikova virus

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