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8th > May > 2001 Archive

DiData queers Compaq Proxicom pitch

Muscling in

Dell to pink slip 4,000 (or more)

So this is what 'ruthless' means

Cricket goes for online middle stump

Selling off Net and mobile phone rights

Intel puts back Pentium 4 Xeon launch

Updated'Packaging issues' to blame

Apple needs chip czar for Son of Newton

Back to the future profitable within year


Apple confirms retail store launch

UpdatedDoors to open on 19 May

MS cracks down on MSDN subs, threatens ‘random audits’

Squeeze out more money spotlight now falls on developers

Terra Lycos chuffed with Q1 results

Revenue jumps, but still making a loss

Jury to judge Rambus fraud charge

Rambus vs InfineonAs Infineon's anti-trust claims thrown out

3Com cans 3,000 workers

Red ink and bloodletting at networking firm

Iwill readies mobos for delayed Intel P4 Xeon

May be out before the chip is

Wireless Palm m700 debuts on Web

Slimline follow-up to the Palm VII?

NTL is definitely up to something

3,000 jobs to go, and leaking results

Energis to head broadband consortium?

That's what's being said

Intel Online Services ‘redeploys’ up to 600

Works to cut headcount by 26-40 per cent

WinXP to launch on October 26: coders go on war footing

Date to be nailed to mast tomorrow

LogoWatch With this ring, I thee sack

3Com rebranding was portent of doom

MS squeezes business for more dough with rental model

Enterprises to own the software even less than they do already

US airman charged in Korean hacking blitz. Maybe

More Airfix than Top Gun

RM wires south west schools for broadband

Secondaries done, primaries to follow

Home Office proposes new Net pedo laws

Nothing like impractical hypocrisy

Dixons staff get windfall from Freeserve sale

£500 if you're on shopfloor, £2.1m if you're chief exec

Le Freeswerve suffers l'email snag

Oooooohh la la

Napster adds audio fingerprint filter code

Change your filenames, we'll still know what you're sharing

Mobiles killed the radio star

The mind buggles

Easy CD Creator saga continues

Fix posted but questions unanswered

Govt seeks answers to rural broadband divide

Ah ha, but what's the question?

Intel Itanium to launch 29 May

No more 'pilot programme' stuff

DDos attack takes down White House Parody site

Mistaken identity?

Worm puts old IIS attack in full-auto mode

Anti-PoizonB0x greetings popping up already

The Bastard goes Wireless

Episode 11Aerial Shots

Intel boss urges world+dog to buy more Intel kit

Build those networks now!

Sugar's em@iler backlash backfires

His customers haven't really helped

Yahoo! Hit! By! Power! Outage!

Even Vulture West goes dark

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