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3rd > May > 2001 Archive

Morse taps out profit warning

What does this mean for Sun?

Boxed Intel P4s not available for love nor money?

Yes, say dealers - no, says Intel

MP calls for Time to ‘come clean’ on layoffs

VC of Tory party no less

VIA Pentium 4 plans take shape

But will P4 sales take off before the end of the year? SIS doesn't think so

UK Govt to amend Telecoms Act

That's it really, nothing more to add

Rambus' ‘very high’ DDR royalty revealed

Rambus vs InfineonComes out in damages calculations

100-year old telecoms law to be repealed

.-- .... .- - / - --- --- -.- / - .... . -- / ... --- / .-.. --- -. --. ..--..

Telecoms workers to lose law safeguard

Is nothing sacred?

Vodafone produces largest ever UK share issue

Mobile company gets £3.5 billion to buy BT shares

Intel putting squeeze on potential customers – Transmeta boss


Palm sales fell 20% in April admits CFO

And m505 PDA will ship in volume even later than expected

ntl workers face uncertain future

Job cuts loom

Suicidal computer expert kills himself and another in 140mph crash

Drove down wrong side of motorway high as a kite

Dell makes monster notebook battery recall

There's hot stuff inside 284,000 Inspirons

Jungle falls for obvious virus hoax

It sends alert in gullible bungle

MS to tout ‘shared source philosophy’, compare GNU to bubble economy

How worried?

Aimster asks court to protect it from Napster's fate

Wants legal shield from RIAA action

Sportal boots more staff into touch

Sick as a parrot

Leaked Nvidia drivers boost Pentium 4 performance

What about Athlon?

Sony drops $50 Playstation 2 cut for $100 cut later

Makes more sense to time cuts closer to Xbox release

Ebone warns of Euro ‘broadband bottleneck’

Issues charter for change

UMC to make UltraSPARC IIe

Sun hopes to ramp up production

Viatel files for Chapter 11

Lays off 350

Acer UK signs up Computer 2000

Channel Flannel

BOFHs to need a bouncer licence

UK govt makes very stupid Bill decision

MS backs down on Win2002 Server AD limits

And we'd just like to say this new name isn't working for us...

I love Microsoft. By the New York Times

Don't you realise that open-source software is a big con job?

Boffins make real-life tractor beam

It's just like out of Star Trek. Nah, not really

Extra-Time money for promoted Blackburn?

Rovers success may put the financial squeeze on PC retailer

Codebreaker II – Prepare for despair

Come on then if you think you're hard enough

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