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2nd > May > 2001 Archive

DVD decoding-as-speech fails to impress court

DeCSS on appeal

Ingram Micro toughs out downturn

Sales down, profits up (ish)

BT gets £4.8 billion for telecoms stakes

Share price jumps but Bonfield refuses to talk strategy

VIA C3 roadmap extended to 1.2GHz+

Confirms existence of C5X processor

Apple unveils 'iBook 2.0'

Not metal - it just looks like it

Linuxcare, TurboLinux decide to hang separately

LinuxLinux prospect fades

Fulham FC wins cybersquatting case

UpdatedMohammed Al-Fayed on another Net crusade

Connectix previews virtual Windows, Linux even OS/2 tech.

One PC, as many operating systems as you like - and no re-booting

Is Microsoft's WMP8 merely viral marketing?

Writs add to reverse-bundle's allure

Codebreaker II A helping hand…

And let's face it - you need it

Microsoft tells US Air Force to bug off

Outlook patch is patchy

Yahoo! hires Beavis and Butthead for porn clampdown

No cucumbers but some fave Reg words are fine

BT to vacate corporate HQ

Time for everyone to clear their desks

PC World slow to advertise actual screen sizes

Taking ad industry ruling to the wire

How MS might vape invalidated WinXP systems

The Office 2000 SP1 precedent

Apple makes OS X ad-compliant

But still much monkeying around

Adobe latest to enforce compulsory vacation

Every day is like Sunday

eToy's sarcastic send-off to bankrupt namesake

eToys founder offered place on board

Police caused more damage to IT firms than protestors

And all because of their yakking

Chip sales slip 7% in March

Americas worst hit

IBM extends PowerPC roadmap to 2GHz+

Swallows pride, signs up for Motolora's AltiVec

Woolworths blocked e-mail during anti-capitalist demos

Scared of viruses from cyclists

Codebreaker II Cracked it!

Triumphant pair win crypto-laurels

AMD's Sanders denies chip price war

And sets record straight on Dell

CNET bathes in red ink

But optimistic

How secure is CA's security mailing list?

Spam? No problem!

The Great VC Squeeze of 2001

And who can blame them?

Cyberholics! Go Cold Turkey

Just say no

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