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31st > March > 1999 Archive

Register ordered to cease and desist pre-empting US joke

This is no joke

Microsoft Web contracts tougher than Gates claims

A year agoStory suggests Committee got inadequate answers

Celerons to go 100MHz FSB

And the 815 chipset is dead as dodo

First MS-DoJ settlement talks fail to leak

MS on TrialBut any day now, somebody's going to find spinning irresistible...

Intel using Alphas for IA64 development

And there's an awful lot of coffee in Brazil

AMD-ZD battle ramps up a notch

3D Winbench mark "discredited"

MS demands more Sun, AOL Netscape documents

MS on TrialThe DoJ got lots more info than Microsoft did, apparently...

Acer anticipates big growth figures for ‘99

Notebooks & OEM sales to lead the way, but chips could still be down

Alpha Processor Inc ramps up anti-Intel battle

Marketing blitz set to start

VIA to debut 133MHz front side bus

And PC-133 there too

Morse hit by dodgy spelling

Meaty Morsel should change its name to Choosy Channel Chunks, perhaps

UK tabloid papers launch Web access for the masses

Gor blimey, come and ‘ave a butchers at this

Y2K bug to take bite out of Japan tomorrow

New financial year could herald big problems

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