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30th > March > 1999 Archive

Yields rise at AMD but so do rumours

A year ago.25 micron process up to speed again

More bovver hits Hyundai-LG deal

The path to true merger is never smooth...

Serial numbers unmask Melissa author

FBI is on the case

AMD scores Compaq notebook win

Prosignia notebooks use cheap, fast K6-2s

Linux and the kitchen sink to blame for Register downtime

Careless Wisper

Gates interviews – more rewrites of history from Bill

Softball is the name of the game as he pushes his new book

‘Leading’ PC vendor to bundle Corel WordPerfect

Is it Compaq? And is it more than a bundling deal?

Gates promo tour cost to exceed book revenues

Graham reviews it, but says it's 'dull and unreadable.' So maybe he didn't read it then?

IBM PC group dons hair shirt

We're committed to ThinkPads and PCs, honest

Analysis: Who wins from the Qualcomm-Ericsson deal?

They may not be fighting any more, but neither of the new CDMA partners looks that healthy

Palmer to walk into AMD wardrobe?

The man has expensive tastes

Future of Alpha chip revealed

Snakes alive! ProLiants sail and crawl on belly

MS reorg – so how many divisions was that?

But why the delay? Surely not to avoid eclipsing Bill's Bookish Adventure?

States push for shackles on MS in settlement talks

MS on TrialIt looks like Bill & Co will be facing some tough demands

Now IDT takes Socket 370 route

But the K7 couldn't, could it. Super Seven dead?

Now Compaq tipped to buy AMD

It makes more sense than IBM, doesn't it?

Overseas gamblers to take advantage of William Hill site

Tax-free betting site is closed to UK punters though

Peer of the realm lets public peer at his love life online

It’s not just the lions of Longleat that are rampant, it seems

UK tax-free savings hit by computer glitch

New accounts will face delay of up to a month

Ziff-Davis rejigs benchmarks after AMD complaint

Seems like an anomaly means 3DWinmarks don't compare apples with apples

Citrix adds new tiers to accreditation scheme

Resellers can go for gold, or silver if they prefer

Memsolve and Roldec await outcome of meetings

Time to stand up and be counted as channel players face the music

Mystery litigation hits humour sites

UpdatedApril Fool is past and gone -- you're the fool and we are none...

Chipzilla gets all arty

Just say no to Intel Web sites

Computacenter wins Microsoft service gong

Joins top table

Citrix chairman receives Order of the Vulture

Prestigious pin gets pinned on prestigious lapel

Where is Compaq going on the software front?

AnalysisForget the MIPS and chips, watch how the software plates spin

Microsoft UK's PR screws up on IE5 . Big time

Something wrong in the state of WA?

Melissa virus author is hacker too

Virus or sexually transmitted disease?

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