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26th > March > 1999 Archive

How to crash Bill's parties

The Register's tech support team offers tips for illiterary types seeking signed Gates books

Obituary: Pentium MMX nearly dead. Celeron barely alive

A year agoMarket reacts to cut-down processor with obloquy

WinChip2 300 pix make it to WWW

More chip hardcore looms on site

JC analyses K7 in depth

Them pins, them pins, them gold pins

MS-DoJ deal talks scheduled for Tuesday

MS on TrialBut from what we hear of Microsoft's 'offer,' it doesn't look good

Intel goes hell for leather to hire Merced staff

What's the latest Merced, and what's the earlier one?

UMC to build 12-inch wafer fab

Orders up, company says

MS planning shedloads of Windows NT variants

Cunning marketing plan to convince you it's not one size fits all really

London is the capital of digital Europe – official

Nice to know we’re among friends

UK consortium plunges $7 million into Korean anti-Microsoft firm

Bids to enter Internet market

Class action blizzard snows AMD

More cases precipitate

Sony, EMI team up on Net music development

Major labels backing for Sony's MagicGate technology?

Mystery litigation hits IBM, Apple

What can be going on?

NatSemi to integrate LCDs, solar panels

Interesting patentsThat's a bright idea

Memory Corp buys out Datrontech memory business

Claws some money back with Direct Rambus licence

Online auctioneer plans $1 billion IPO

eBay gum, that’s a lot of cash

IE download numbers scam – how it worked

And how MS spinmeisters plagiarised the fatal press release without noticing the discrepancy

Intel licks with money

More investment dosh for Broadlogic too...

Lotus Notes/Domino R5 to ship at last

More than a year late, but at least by now it should be free of bugs

FreeServe passes confidential customer info to PC World

ISP helps sister company peddle hardware to its subscribers

Demon libel loss could cripple Internet free speech

ISP will appeal High Court ruling

Troubled ilion sees last year’s profit turn into losses

Many excuses given but no real light at the end of the tunnel yet

IBM chooses Manchester United as reference site

Do they realise what they're doing?

Merced project in utter disarray

Architect spills IA-64 beans. The thing isn't taped out yet. That's the reason for "babes in the wood"

Web site fails to pull channel business online

Weak reception for

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