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25th > March > 1999 Archive

Lou Gerstner's IBM loses it on ThinkPads, PCs

$1 billion loss as Boots warns about WWW.SOMETHING.COM

AMD K7 ripped asunder on Japanese site

Technicians abuse the part and K6-III cuts in offing

A year ago: Intel, Compaq sail in choppy seas

Great Stans less buoyant than before

Germany contemplates its IT navel

AnalysisSchadenfreude, angst? German IT leaders got the lot

Gates trails antitrust deal – but is he stalling again?

MS on TrialHe claims talks, the states say nay, so is MS spinning?

Blast from the Past: AMD powered missile hits Intel HQ in Baghdad

100 days agoHas AMD fixed the Tomahawk timer chip yet?

South Koreans march against Bill Gates

Move follows Korean FTC probe

Surplus of SDRAM causes memory slump

Rambus a good way off yet

Ericsson, Qualcomm settle CDMA differences

Qualcomm CDMA biz bought by Ericsson

AOL tight-lipped as jobs are slashed

It’s only hanging on to the talented people, it seems

Egg and BT ClickFree to sell Fujitsu PCs

Japanese vendor continues to shun the high street

Dismemberment of Toshiba DRAM biz continues

High end technology flies to Taiwan's Winbond

Compaq to open multi-million Taiwan plant

It's all to do with that supply management stuff

Compaq and Dell slug it out in war of words

Tweedledum and Tweedledee agreed to have a battle; For Tweedledum said Tweedledee had spoiled his nice new rattle

Corel pedals through product cycle lows

But will Q2 be any better?

Motorola to license M-Core processor

Upcoming "major" licensing programme could shift Motorola chips into open source world

Music industry sues MP3 search engine developer

Engine host Lycos looks set to be taken to court too

Secret pact between Compaq, MS revealed

We've heard about Win64, but what about NT 8 VMS?

Is Slot B on the AMD K7 copper, or what?

What is the nature of this Alpha deal

Apple to back Linux with dedicated manager

Mac maker seeks hard working executive to ensure Linux runs great on its CPUs. Non-smoker preferred

The Register trapped in Yugoslav pincer movement

And we do care...

Luftwaffe rises as SAP falls

It's called irony

UK high street clueless about Web

Failing shareholders and customers alike by playing the ostrich

The Register tests negative for Gates London meet

Microsoft chief here to sign copies of his new book tomorrow.. but don’t tell anyone

Intel semi serious about cars

It worxx, it really does...

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