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24th > March > 1999 Archive

Intel steps up Microsoft-Merced recruitment drive

Redmond a port in any storm

SGI ramps Linux route

Jobs for the OSS boys

IBM signs licence for ARM7

A year agoDeal gives ARM entree to custom solutions market

More Alpha details seep from Compaq sieve

Pfeiffer's NDAs obviously don't bite like Intel's

Schmidt at Brainshare: Novell gunning for MS

And apparently someone's still running NetWare 2.0, nine years on. Is this a (78 rpm) record?

You don’t have to be mad to work in IT, but it helps

Survey catches glimpse of what life is like for the staff of the hi-tech world

Yahoo! scraps charge for Web access in UK

Portal giant may take free service into other countries

Free Web access war between the bookworms

Waterstone’s steals WH Smith’s thunder by rushing forward service

Intel a monopoly – official

AMD just forgot to tell us

MacOS X technology comes early with QuickTime for Java

Brings Java a mature multimedia platfrom and paves way for Java-based MacOS app development

Just Fancy That!

Shurely shome coinshidenshe...

More ISP giveaways hit the high street

Throw in a fat bloke in a red suit and we can call it Christmas

3Com Q4 results up tenfold

But still disappointing, said company execs

Web site reveals speed camera locations

UK drivers can look forward to years of happy, high speed motoring – but look out for that tree

Samsung to pick's brains, officially parachutes in 'advisors' to aid Samsung's Korean online sales

UK man convicted of cyberstalking

Hell hath no fury like an anorak scorned

Infogrames grabs Gremlin for £22.9 million

French games publisher takes over ailing British developer

Koreans raise the Anti-Microsoft standard

Save our software - first published 10 July 1998

Chinese state software company to take on Microsoft

Local OS will force MS to cut Chinese WinCE prices, apparently

Sun to find home for ex-Netscapers

New software divisions will employee staff made redundant by AOL

Ex-AltaVista staff set sights on new horizon

Launch application for remote office access via Web

IBM capitulates to EMC

Battle of storage giants ends with Big Blue the loser

Electronics Boutique latest to offer free Web service

More free ISPs than you can shake a modem at

LG scores big flat screen win with Dixons

To be seen in your high street RSN

UK .gov slammed for cheap PC idea

Problem is phone calls too expensive. Doh.

Intel Xeon problems found on Japanese site

Stone the crows and strike us pink

Mystery Intel litigation found on WWW

Just who are all these people?

WH Smith teams up with Microsoft, BT for free ISP service

But you'll still have to pay for the books

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