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23rd > March > 1999 Archive

LSI promises 233 million transistor system-on-a-chip

A year agoHigh integration strategy for combo consumer devices

AMD thrashes Intel, again

Bashes chip giant in US retail market

Compaq Merced designers flee coop

"A big dress up for a party that never happened"

Rumours of MS settlement hype from shareholders

Will Bill Gates resign?

Intel to slash Pentium III prices on 11 April

Meanwhile, PII/333 will enter chip gulag

Intel-FTC settlement ignores price fork

AnalysisImportant issues still need airing

Yahoo bid rumour boosts share price

Portal giant to snap-up content provider

Sub-$600 PCs see massive growth

Latest PC Data stats show sales of ultra-cheap PCs have grown 657 per cent

VA Research buys IBM's favoured Linux consultancy

Hardware company to use Electric Lichen to bolster marketing efforts

Consumer bulk buying to rattle channel’s cage

Web-based purchase plan seeks big discounts by going direct

MS to unveil digital music delivery system next month

MP3-killer music format plus rights management software to be integrated into Windows 2000

Sony to offer music downloads by satellite

But it's more about selling MiniDisc players and satellite TV subs than MP3

Dell hit by Far Eastern competition

Other big names will suffer

iMac famine paves way for newer, cheaper version

Apple appears to be entering inventory clearing mode

Kyocera hit by Xerox writ at CeBIT

Row over consumables hits show floor

Sun's Serengeti brain dead yeti?

It's veldt it's not Starfire compatible

Lycos takes on Korea

Produces localised content

Attack of the Killer Laptops

You too can have neck strain, musculo-skeletal injuries, more stress, and an increased risk of getting mugged

Mobile phones fry your brains

European Parliament want health warnings for brain cell phones

Madame Tussaud's makes a dummy out of Bill Gates

And you really won't be able to tell the difference

Sony confirms Linux to be PSX2 development platform

Open source OS ousts Windows for official PlayStation 2 development hardware, tools

MSN offers free house with $125,000 PC

Mortgage your future with Microsoft

Lou Gerstner not short of a bob or two…

But still fails to execute on his boots

PC industry optimism at ‘five year high’

Has Deloitte and Touche gone mad?

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