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17th > March > 1999 Archive

Compaq re-visiting Merced strategy

Chip dead, or just in a deep swoon

CeBIT 98: The Bootnotes of Lou

A year ago:At The Register, we take no prisoners

Symbian to KO Microsoft at CeBIT?

If some more big outfits announce support, the war could be over before Redmond fires the first shot

Apple offers open source for Mac OS X Server

But for the moment, the company is pursuing a twin track strategy

AMD hires as it fires

Looking for motherboard designers

Shannon declares Chipzilla Open Source word

Generous gesture by DEC watcher

Samsung ramps 256M SDRAMs in volume

Price will drop to just over $100/part in '99

Chipzilla becomes caring, sharing dinosaur

FTC deal details expected today

Register Message Forums open for biz

Debate on ISPs kicks off show

Intel Celeron 433 to arrive Monday

Move to deck Slot One accelerated

Roldec rolls over

Liquidators to be appointed on 31 March

Royal E-Mail backs security service with £100K bond

Postman Pat and his black and white secure ecommerce system

Order your virtual drinks for St Patrick's Day

Now you can be a plastic Paddy online

AOL Europe fights back against free ISPs

Plans revolve around new Portal strategy

Intel escapes FTC noose

FTC levels playing field for litigious rivals

CeBIT: Microsoft ‘licensed Java to kill Netscape’, McNealy claims

Three drops of poison

Sun and Symbian strike EPOC Java deal

Momentum grows in the 'stop CE' camp

Sun doesn't have an earthly with UltraSparc III til Q2, 2000

Tape out will not beat Compaq Alpha roll out

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