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16th > March > 1999 Archive

CeBIT 98 bites peregrinator hard

A year agoDiary of days dazes a staffer

Semi market in Jan slightly up

Growth in Europe, Asia Pacific offset by drop in Americas, Japan

Brussels putsch leaves IT policy in limbo

And Karel, our grumpy competition commissioner, seems to have been named - wonder why?

Nortel's HP, MS and Intel alliance short on detail

Still no slideware? Talk about Digital Nervous Systems for a bit then, Bill

‘I read all my email’ – shock Gates admission

Bill forgets forgetting last year, and stiffs himself with responsibility for everything, apparently

AMD tight-lipped about chip futures

Capacity needed to best Gorgonzilla

Finding your Pentium II PSN could be a tricky biz

Chip designer says it needs fancy footwork

US states mooting $10 billion plus fines for MS

Bill Gates says he'll give all his money away. Here's his chance...

Xeon III prices out…

It's all change but not small change

Nvidia launches Riva TNT2 to blow 3Dfx out of water

Hot chip brings in the plaudits

BSA goes gunning for pirates in ’99

Latest campaign targets small businesses

Apple trails Linux connection for MacOS X

But will the open source world come over all Rhapsodic?

Great Stan of resellers shows off its financials

Another stonking year for Computacenter – it’ll be trebles all round at Babooshka tonight

ORB Agency pushes into objects

Making money out of CORBA? Whatever next?

Watch out for strange containers…


Currency set up to aid the take-up of ecommerce

Beenz, beenz, they’re good for your heart… the more you spend the more you f,f,f… fend off hyperinflation

Phone exchanges blamed for failing Web connections

ISPs and telcos slug it out in mud-slinging battle

UK body slams Cyrix/IBM for clock speed adverts

When is 300MHz really 225MHz?

Merced dead, says Sun

They would say that, but they say HP thinks it too. Oh and the UltraSparc III is a bit late

New version of Windows 98 due in Q2?

Forget convergence on the NT code base - Windows 9x, the Sinatra of operating systems, ain't retiring

IBM ready to goose-step its way into CeBIT

I was born in Dusseldorf and that is why they call me Rolf...

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