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15th > March > 1999 Archive

MS, HP, Intel and Nortel to forge telecoms alliance

That old voice and data convergence thang, it would appear

MS reorg – Gates burnt out, so spin him off?

Zillionaire prima donnas restrict Ballmer's choices, and nobody wants consumer, the corporate Black Spot...

Fujitsu, NEC fuel Japan Linux take-off

Launching new Linux systems for ISPs and businesses

Unique serial number exists in all 25 micron Intel chips

Update TwoCelerons, PIIs and Xeons as well, now Intel responds

Poorest households to get IT access

Government to back £5 per month PC ownership scheme

UK government urged to tackle mobile charges

Phone companies accused of ripping off customers

Compaq to announce 4-way PIII Xeons at CeBIT

And outline their 8-way Sabers with tweaks

Hyundai spins off ChipPAC to US consortium for $550 million

It's all to do with the LG Semi merger

Deutsche Telekom is running a peep-show, says AOL

Court rules it’s time to stop charging per minute

ilion sells off huge slice of German operation

Rethinking its plans to pull out of Germany after all?

Clockwork computer power planned for next year

South African outfit to license $50 wind-up device

Intel meets re-marking pall on road to Damascus

Suddenly, overclocking and re-marking is the RAGE

Class action lawsuit hits CHS

Distributor accused of falsifying accounts

Telecomms disruption looms for UK businesses

Time is running out for phone changes

Compaq hit by class action

There's a lot of it about - must be that time of year

Vanderbilts generator meets Lennox the Linux in mad draw

In boxing matches, things fly, of course

Chipzilla becomes Gorgonzilla

It's big, it's cheesy and it's a Gorgon...

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