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12th > March > 1999 Archive

Intel did not damage employee's psyche

A year agoKourosh Hamidi loses Californian appeal

Too late for MacOS X Server?

AnalysisLinux threatens NT, but it could also hinder Apple's server OS -- unles they work together...

Cyrix goes 370 pin

Happy Cat scratches Cyrixzilla

Cyrix to go 370-pin in April?

Happy Cat scratches Cyrixzilla

NatSemi has lots of fabs but sells few x86 chips

Only real men have fabs but so what?

Microsoft caught with pants down over hardware IDs

After the brouhaha, we take a closer look at MS' privacy crises

iMac sales return to launch peak

Apple takes of advantage of pre-PIII Wintel slowdown

Iomega recalls 60,000 Jaz PSUs

All drives shipped since 1 September 1998 may be affected

Intel stealth-shipping Coppermine in Dixon guise?

Evidence emerges that serial number "bug" in PII could be a feature

Microsoft to split into four next week

Speculation over the Baby Bill carve-up grows apace

Microsoft readies MP3-killer digital music format

MS format offers better audio quality, twice the compression

Motorola legals Intel

Phonezilla takes on Chipzilla over PowerPC trade secrets

Sun strikes back at Compaq Wildfire claims

Performance not the issue -- but is UltraSparc III late?

MS takes $400m hit to cover Office 2000 delay

Shifts upgrade income from Q3 to Q4

Senator tries to axe DoJ Microsoft trial funding

MS on TrialTrial just a cover for Al Gore's election campaign, claims Gorton

AMD hit with class action

Suit alleges chip maker over-inflated K6 sales projections

MS planning Win 98 follow-up?

As Win2k is u/s for the consumer market, we figure a quick and dirty revenue-generating 9x rev

CompUSA bans obscene IT publication

Magazine advocates buying fewer PCs -- and it got banned by a PC reseller? No way!

Paedophile priest on trial in US

Stands accused of being part of Web porn ring

End of the line for Apricot UK

Mitsubishi cans PC sales and development

Latin American telecomms firm falls for BT

Hey muchacos, ay carumba and lots of other Latino clichés

Pentium II Xeons have serial number too

This is proliferation of the PSN, big time

Gelsinger “brains” behind shipping chips with PSN on

We're glad we didn't ask "Kicking Pat" the obvious question

Ericsson unveils Symbian-based palmtop

First computer using Symbian technology boosts Psion

Software Stan denies falling demand in PC market

Slowdown, what slowdown

Third fighter joins FireWire, USB 2.0 fray

Reader's CommentWhy choose 1394 or USB when 1355's better than both?

Class war breaks out in virtual middle England

Rival schools from either side of the tracks at centre of flaming row

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