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10th > March > 1999 Archive

Intel roadmap reveals plans up to Y2K

A year agoWide-ranging plans include 1.2GHz IA-32 processor

HP takes risc on PA plans

8600 arrives sooner as Alpha threat mounts

Compaq workstation prog in chaos

Reports say x86 and Alpha products "brown bread"

The issues Intel sidesteps with its FTC deal

There's quite a lot of muck we won't be reading -- this time around, anyway...

IBM gives Linux drivers helping hand

It needs it, apparently

Big Blue schizzy over AIX and Linux

All the boats are rising -- what can this mean?

Free ISPs safe from UK watchdog

No changes to call charge structures

US halts “dumping” of Japanese supercomputers

Sales to .gov agencies halted

UK start-up to take surplus stock out of channel

Will keep channels clean by targeting overseas markets

S3 takes time to check The Register out

Reveals roadmap for next year

Seagate counts cost of closing Scottish factory

Claims it won't be hurt by Dell/IBM deal

Corel signs Cygnus to simplify Windows-to-Linux ports

Follows Intel's patronage of Linux development tools developer

Linux community demurs over Big Blue statements

It is an SMP system...

Silicon Graphics looks to MIPS to cover Merced delays

Workstation vendors prepares three new generations of R12000 in case Intel is late

Dixon Intel mobile PIIs have serial numbers – it's a bug, official

UpdatedIt's a manufacturing erratum, not a bug, Intel insists

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