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3rd > March > 1999 Archive

A year ago: StrongARM gets embedded in Intel’s labs

Those boots are made for walking....

Alpha chip to clock 1.4GHz in copper

Roadmap shows Slot B for AMD and Alpha later in year

K6-IIIs as rare as hen's teeth

Production severely constrained

Aunty gets into bed with Great Stan of Software

BBC ports site content to MSN

Cyrix, Wyse push terminal-on-a-chip

Thinner than normal client

Olivetti in crisis talks

PC vendor in MBO rumour as court keeps out the creditors

Metabyte unveils multiple 3D card technology

Parallel Graphics Configuration dramatically boosts 3D performance claims developer

Intel SECCs costs more than SECC-2

Hidden price bump in Intel plans

Two senior Intel execs killed in Uganda

But two other Intel US staff survive

UK Post Office confirms crypto service roll-out

Trusted Third Party status to fuel PO's drive into e-commerce

Psion upbeat over year-end results

Symbian investment still a drain on resources though

Sun to release Sparc, Java CPUs as open source (ish)

Move to bring in more licensees -- and tie them into the platform more tightly

Update 3: S3 up for sale?

Official denial

Kingfisher to open online whitegoods retail site

UK retailer group's Comet subsidiary to hit the Web

Reader of the Month: Paul Engel

FOTWOne in a series of occasional awards

Be signals shift to Internet appliance role for BeOS

Nice idea, but is the BeOS up to beating Linux and Java at their own game?

Fab 11 contradicts ancient Chinese wisdom

The town changes but the well does not change contradicted

EMC puts great store in the future

New products combine with big plans for revenue growth

Dell goes online to sell everything the user needs

Hopes to steal a march on its rivals

3Com warns of falling profit

Networking giant becomes latest vendor to experience difficulty

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