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Speaking in Tech: IT's a GaaS with Trump at top

Plus: Amazon's Whole Foods move, pizza on Mars, Uber chaos, and more

By Team Register, 21 Jun 2017


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This week Amy and Melissa are joined by special guest Sarah Vela (@orchid8), senior digital communications manager at Forcepoint (@forcepointsec). They discuss new jobs, Trumping government in the cloud, buying Whole Foods with Alexa, pizza on Mars, AirBnB's shifting business model, and how to use LinkedIn.

The details...

  • (0:00) We're all marketers now
  • (5:29) How to make friends at your new company
  • (8:56) IT's a GaaS!
  • (16:41) Whole infrastructure at Amazon
  • (27:05) Elon Musk's ultimate FU
  • (33:04) Uber blame game
  • (39:32) AirHotelnB's kick in the grass
  • (46:49) Normal?
  • (50:18) Stalking Sarah
  • (52:47) Words of wisdom make a comeback

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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