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Google cloud glitch hits at Beer O'Clock Friday, fix coming Monday

Cloud SQL backups being 'forced' instead of automated for 60 hours or more

By Simon Sharwood, 22 May 2017

POLL Google's got a problem with its Cloud SQL service – about seven per cent of instances using the service's first-generation code aren't backing up properly.

The problem started at 16:54 on Friday afternoon and by 17:34 the company announced it was “forcing” backups “as short-term mitigation.” There's no suggestion data is in danger.

But the “short-term” mitigation may not be all that short: a 19:27 entry in the company's incident notice says backup forcing will continue “until Monday … when we'll work on a permanent fix.”

“We will provide next update Monday US/Pacific or if anything changes in between.”

All of which looks like the bug bit just as the Google crew were winding up their working weeks, so they wrote “Keep backing up Cloud SQL manually” on the To-Do list for the weekend shift and then went off to do whatever it is Google people do on Saturday and Sunday.

The Register wonders, however, if this is any way to run a cloud. Let us know what you think in the poll below or in the comments. ®

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