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Heroic stepmum takes one for team, sticks pot pipe up wazoo

Puff, puff... pass

By Paul Kunert, 2 May 2017

A Florida woman was arrested for repeatedly ignoring a cop's request to hand over a pot pipe, preferring instead – according to cops – to conceal the gear in her nether regions.

Police say Trudy Kay Richardson was the passenger in her step-daughter's Pontiac Grand Prix FL on 29 April at roughly 6.30pm when officer Caricia Martinez waved down the vehicle.

According to the arrest affidavit, seen by The Smoking Gun, the policeman spotted Richardson holding a "blue glass marijuana pipe in her right hand" which she then placed "into the front of her pants".

Richardson told the officer that the pipe, which had a burnt residue and whiff of weed, was actually owned by her step-daughter, who was driving the car.

During the search, Officer Martinez said she also found two resealable plastic bags with "remnants and odor of marijuana" in Richardson's left pocket and another glass pipe.

For the sake of clarity, the second pipe was found in the centre console of the car (the cluster of controls, instruments and cup holders above the gear stick. Get the picture?). ®

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