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M3:’s Melanie Warrick to deliver keynote

Using neural nets and machine learning to set the tone

By Team Register, 15 Mar 2017

Events We’re thrilled to announce that’s Melanie Warrick will be a keynote speaker at M3.

Melanie is a Deep Learning Engineer at, and focuses on both neural nets and distributed systems, as she builds machine learning products that consume data at scale. Whilst at, she has developed a deep learning platform, and built out neural net models for computer vision and NLP applications.

She was previously a data scientist and engineer at, where she implemented machine learning applications. This followed a comprehensive enterprise consulting career that has included stints at Accenture and Slalom Consulting.

This all means that Melanie has a wealth of experience not just in AI and machine learning, but in dealing with the sorts of problems that real world companies have to tackle outside the lab.

Which chimes in exactly with what we’re looking to pull together at M3 - a programme that will not just illuminate the latest developments in AI, machine learning and data science, but show you practical examples of how organisations are putting them to work to solve real problems.

You can keep the vision for the CEO - we’re looking to give CIOs, engineers, devs and architects the information they need to start implementing AI and ML programmes that work for their businesses.

The call for papers is open until the end of this month, meaning you’ve still got time to throw your hat into the ring by proposing a paper or a workshop.

Full details of our call for papers, and ticketing, are here. ®

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