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India releases Mars data

By Simon Sharwood, 27 Sep 2016

India has released all the data gathered by its Mars Orbiter Mission during its first year of operations.

A reg-walled archive offers data the Mangalyaan probe collected between September 24th, 2014 and September 23rd, 2015. ISRO, India's space agency, says the archive offers “ spacecraft data and instrument data, as well as derived or merged instrument data (wherever applicable).”

India's also celebrating the launch of eight satellites aboard a single rocket. The nation's PSLV-C35 vehicle yesterday ascended with the eight payloads totalling 675kg. Over the course of 2.5-hour mission, all eight reached their intended orbits.

The mission was India's longest to date and also the first time it placed satellites in different orbits with one launch vehicle. ®

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