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Speaking in Tech: Windows is coming to smart refrigerators

This week on Podcast Idol: a UK IT architect

By Team Register, 7 Sep 2016


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This week, our tech news podcast host, Ed Saipetch and Greg Knieriemen chat with Podcast Idol contestant Peter Smallbone, an IT architect in the UK. The trio discuss SpaceX, Galaxy Note, smart refrigerators and Apple’s tax problems in Ireland.

The details….

  • (0:00) Follow-up on GTD
  • (1:10) FinTech Innovation accelerating
  • (3:42) Podcast Idol: Peter Smallbone
  • (7:20) SiT field reports
  • (10:57) Guest, no guest
  • (12:37) SpaceX blows up Facebook satellite
  • (15:24) Samsung Galaxy Note problems
  • (19:30) Windows coming to smart refrigerators
  • (26:04) Implications for the Apple Tax in Ireland
  • (36:01) Stalking Pete

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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