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Olympics bans GIFs

By Team Register, 4 Aug 2016

Sharing sporting moments at the 2016 Olympics as animated GIFs has been outlawed by the International Olympics Committee.

The ban really only applies to the media, before you panic. However, we suspect that if the IOC had its way, we'd all be forbidden from tweeting or Vining animated GIFs and WebMs from the Rio games. After all, according to the United States Olympic Committee, you're not supposed to use the #Rio2016 or #TeamUSA hashtags on Twitter unless you're paying wads of cash to be an official sponsor.

"The use of Olympic Material transformed into graphic animated formats such as animated GIFs (i.e. GIFV), GFY, WebM, or short video formats such as Vines and others, is expressly prohibited," state the IOC rules [PDF].

Oh well. How about those animated GIFs of poop water and Zika outbreaks, instead? ®

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